Placemaker, Muralist.

What We Do:  

Art + Urban Planning = Creative Placemaking

For businesses: Chris Devins Creative combines Public Art Installations + Urban Planning to transform neighborhoods and business districts with murals and exhibits that reaffirm community Identity.  CDC's murals provide your business district with a cultural ambience within which to place your retail and other business activities. CDC's installations are economic development tools, attracting visitors to your commercial corridors, where they spend money. As in museums, where exhibit goers are encouraged to "exit through the gift shop", CDC's outdoor exhibits are the attraction and your commercial corridors the gift shop. CDC sells the distinctiveness of your district, increasing its drawing power.

For non-profits: By intentionally embedding arts and culture into your area, CDC can help you protect your community's cultural Identity, bridge social differences, elevate the voices of existing residents and support future development.



Chris Devins is a local Mural Artist/Urban Planner who creates outdoor Public Art installations designed to attract tourists and increase community pride.  He is part of a team that won a 2016 Best Practices award from the Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association. 

CDC began in Bronzeville, Chicago as an outgrowth of Chris' work on the Residents at Risk study conducted by the Urban Institute and Harvard University. Residents at Risk was a profile of the Ida B. Wells/Madden Park housing complex conducted just as residents' homes were being demolished. As he pondered the loss of yet another important Bronzeville development, Chris began to think about Identity and the role it plays in a neighborhood's economic and social viability.


The Bronzeville Legends Identity Initiative was a part of Chris’ Master Thesis, the East 39th Street Commercial Corridor Plan. The plan is a comprehensive development plan that envisions the future of the corridor, based on current real estate market data.


Identity, Sustainability, Mobility

Planning for a neighborhood and incorporating it's values in order to achieve long term growth objectives. Click below to read my MUPP Thesis.

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